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Product- Used Railroad Ties

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Used RR ties: Wholesale truckload quantities only!

7" X 9" X 8' approximately 260 pcs per truckload
6" X 8" X 8' approximately 300 pcs per truckload

Landscape ties:

#2 Landscape grade used Railroad ties:
          3 good sides, medium cracks, considerable-moderate plate wear with fair
          creosote retention. This product is for the landscaper on a budget.

#1 Landscape grade used Railroad ties:
          4 good sides, minimal plate wear, small cracks with good creosote retention.
          These are quality ties used in retaining wall & landscaping.

Select relays: 10 years old or newer, solid, 4 good sides, with excellent creosote retention (these ties are used in RR siding maintenance).

New Railroad ties available!

Call Ed Hinga at 1-269-692-2023 for price and availability.


Due to the high volume of calls from unqualified buyers that do not have a sales tax license, we must make it clear that we are a WHOLESALE ONLY COMPANY and DO NOT SELL RETAIL or SMALL ORDERS that are considered RETAIL!

Before calling you must meet these qualifications to buy wholesale from Kalamazoo Forest Products Inc.

  • Your company must have a Retail Sales Tax License
  • Hold an IRS Qualified Tax Exempt Agricultural License
  • You must be Buying Full Truckload Quantities

Please do not call for small retail purchases!

#1 Premium Railroad Ties
#1 used- landscape grade used RR ties
Preimum Railroad Ties
#1 used- landscape grade used RR ties
Landscape Grade Railroad Ties
#2 used landscape grade